Trendy Garage Door Styles 

You might not think your garage door is out of style but it may be time for a facelift for one of the most prominent features of your home.  A garage door can encompass as much as 30% or more of your home’s exterior. This makes it an important part of your home. Why not take action to improve your garage door by adding a little character and unique style. Consumers are now able to benefit from so many different designs of garage doors available today.

Traditional raised-panel garage doors are perfect when you are seeking clean, classic look for your home’s exterior. These doors are characterized by symmetrical, raised rectangular panels for a timeless look. They offer various options for construction and design including insulated and natural wood options.

For mid-century modern or modern home styles, contemporary garage doors can provide the pure, functional curb appeal your house deserves. Manufacturers are offering aluminum and glass garage doors, modern steel and a reserve wood collections to complement your home’s modern features.  Using elements of metal, glass and wood blended together to create a fresh, efficient design on one of the most commanding features of your home’s exterior.

One of my personal favorites is the carriage-style garage door. Carriage house garage doors also know as “barn style garage doors”, have a distinctive, rustic look that commands attention. Carriage style garage doors are the perfect compliment to craftsman style, mission style homes and country style homes. Whether you desire a garage door that looks like a barn door, replicates a stylish carriage house or resembles a more rustic wood version, there are numerous combinations available to give your garage door the exact character you are seeking.

Keep in mind that all these garage door designs can be personalized by adding a custom faux finish, windows and decorative hardware to achieve your desired look.  Adding a new garage door to your home will not only complement your home’s architectural style and curb appeal but also add dramatic value to your home. Have fun selecting from the many styles and selections now available to consumers.